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Abenaki Ecology & Spirituality in the Northern Green Mountains

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 2/12/21

Abenaki scholar and ethnobotanist Dr. Fred Wiseman recently spoke with members of CHC's Woodlots program. Listen to the talk and learn more about Abenaki ecology in the Northern Green Mountains here.

The Woodlots Program is Back in the Woods!

By Monica Przyperhart, Woodlots Program Manager

Posted 7/29/21

Woodlots Program Manager Monica Przyperhart reflects on starting a new job and facilitating peer-to-peer learning during a pandemic.

Fall Reflections

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board President

Posted 11/12/22

Read Board President, Charlie Hancock's intro to the Fall 2021 Connections Newsletter.

A Woodlots Welcome to Monica Przyperhart

Posted 11/16/20

Meet Monica Przyperhart, Cold Hollow to Canada's new Woodlots Program Manager.

Meet Sophie Mazowita, CHC's new Conservation Science & Administrative Coordinator

Posted 11/24/21

An introduction from the latest addition to the CHC team.

Wildlife Abundance & Seasonality in the Cold Hollow Region

By Jake Van Deursen

Posted 11/16/20

During his time as the AmeriCorps member for the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative, Jake Van Deursen generously donated his time to analyze five years of data from Cold Hollow to Canada's…

Dave Erickson

Introducing Dave Erickson

By Dave Erickson

Posted 7/20/23

CHC's new Conservation Director introduces himself. Welcome to the team, Dave!

Wildlife in Waterville

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 11/24/21

Barred owls and snapping turtles are not typical companions, but both were seen on October 30, 2021, on the Waterville Town Green. They were accompanied by a red-tailed hawk, a rabbit, and an…

The Honey Maple Tree

By Jessica Boone, CHC Board Member & Woodlots Program Member

Posted 7/29/21

Read more about the sweetest tree in the Cold Hollow region!

The End of the Session

By Charlie Hancock

Posted 6/2/22

Updates on state legislation that impacts our forests and how we manage them

Growing Up, Growing Out

By Charlie Hancock, Board President

Posted 8/18/22

Charlie Hancock reflects on CHC's history, and shares exciting news about the organization's growth.

Living Planet Report 2022

Living Planet Report 2022: the global context of our bioregional mission

By Greg Mikkelson

Posted 11/9/22

Former board member and ecologist Greg Mikkelson shares how the WWF's 2022 Living Planet Report can inform our work in the Cold Hollows.

Tracking and Trail Cameras: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

By Sophie Mazowita

Posted 7/21/23

This summer marks a transition point for out tracking and game camera projects, with new volunteer opportunities and a 6-month tracking immersion on the horizon.

Celebrating Nuance

By Ethan Tapper

Posted 7/20/23

The Black Ash: Bringing cultures and people together for the planet

By Nancy Patch

Posted 7/20/23

A synopsis of our black ash pounding event with Abenaki basket-makers Kerry and Ryan Wood

Welcoming Three New Board Members

Posted 6/2/22

A big CHC welcome to Sarah Downes, Carissa Stein, and Renee Reiner!

Book Reviews from our Board

By Everett McGinley & Nancy Patch

Posted 7/20/23

Board members share their latest recommendations off their book shelf

Bird-friendly Maple: Partners in Action

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 8/16/22

CHC, Audubon Vermont, and VYCC join together for a wildlife-friendly project in Belvidere.

Why Act 250 Is About More Than Just Housing

Posted 3/2/24

Read Charlie Hancock's perspective on Act 250 and how it affects conservation efforts

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 9/1/17

Breaking the financial barriers to conservation, we're pleased to announce the Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 1/25/18

Board Chair Charlie Hancock reflects on what an amazing year 2017 has been for CHC and extends a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters this year.

Expanding the Lens of Conservation - A foundation for the future

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 8/21/18

Greetings friends and welcome to the Fall 2018 edition of CONNECTIONS, the quarterly newsletter from Cold Hollow to Canada. With this issue we shift our focus from the working forests which have been…

Beating the Heat in the Cold Hollows

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 8/1/19

An update on the summer happenings at Cold Hollow to Canada.


By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 4/6/20

Charlie Hancock introduces the CHC spring newsletter.

Woods in Winter: Reflecting on Winter Tree ID

By Nancy Patch

Posted 2/12/21

Getting out in the woods in the winter can bring an entire new appreciation for the plants and animals we live with. The adaptation strategies employed by our near kin show them as much hardier than…

Vermont's Climate Action Plan: A Roadmap for Resiliency and Adaptation

By Charlie Hancock

Posted 11/24/21

Vermont's Climate Council is poised to adopt its finalized plan to meet our state's emission reduction targets. Here's a summary of strategies and actions for natural and working lands.

Behind the Scenes at CHC: "Slow birding"-style gratitude for CHC's grant funders

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 6/2/22

May was a busy month for Cold Hollow to Canada. We helped landowners plant 350 trees to benefit forest resilience goals. We met with leaders from Vermont Youth Conservation Corps and Audubon Vermont…

Tales from a Birder Broker Walk

By Ali Wagner

Posted 8/16/22

What happens when a landowner teams up with an experienced birder for an early morning walk? Notes from a June outing in Richford.

Thinking Forward: Planning for Conservation

By Charlie Hancock

Posted 3/6/23

February means a lot of things—skiing, ice fishing, logging, tapping, tracking, and forever bringing in more firewood—but one thing we have our eye on this time of year is what’s happening in…


Winterberry in the Hedgerow

By Jane Dorney

Posted 11/23/22

What's Up with Forest Birds?

By Steve Faccio, Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Posted 9/1/17

In April, the Vermont Center for Ecostudies released a 25-year study on Vermont's Forest Birds. Find out who's fairing well and who's on the decline & what we can do to help.

Wildlands & Woodlands Report - The Cold Hollow Connection

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice Chair & Franklin County Forester

Posted 1/25/18

How do Cold Hollow to Canada's goals match up with the recently released Wildlands & Woodlands Vision by Harvard University. Board member Nancy Patch makes the comparison for us.

SAVE THE DATE - CHC Annual Gathering

Posted 8/21/18

We'll gather at the Montgomery Grange Hall for a catered dinner and enjoy speaker Tom Butler from the Foundation for Deep Ecology. Suggested donation is $15.

CHC Welcomes Board Members Jenny Goyne & Greg Mikkelson

By Cold Hollow to Canada

Posted 4/6/20

Meet new CHC board members Jenny Goyne and Greg Mikkelson.

Thinking About Wood Heat—In June

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 6/2/22

At this time of year, I daydream of swimming in lakes and camping under the stars. My garden is planted, I'm harvesting spinach, and my kids are rejoicing over the opening of the local creemee stand.…

POEM: Ode to Wood by David Budbill

Posted 9/1/17

David Budbill, a Vermont poet, left us a legacy of poetry about living in rural Vermont when he died last year. Wendell Berry called the poet’s work “a delight and a comfort”.

Why Wilderness?

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice-Chair

Posted 8/21/18

There are really big things going on in the Cold Hollow to Canada region. If you have not yet heard, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has bought out their Vermont Land Trust (VLT) partner for the Calavale…

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