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2021 Fall

Fall Reflections

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board President

Posted 11/12/22

Read Board President, Charlie Hancock's intro to the Fall 2021 Connections Newsletter.

Meet Sophie Mazowita, CHC's new Conservation Science & Administrative Coordinator

Posted 11/24/21

An introduction from the latest addition to the CHC team.

Wildlife in Waterville

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 11/24/21

Barred owls and snapping turtles are not typical companions, but both were seen on October 30, 2021, on the Waterville Town Green. They were accompanied by a red-tailed hawk, a rabbit, and an opossum--along with Michael Clough, of the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. In the summer of 2021, Cold Hollow to Canada received two grants--from the Davis Foundation and from the Windham…

Vermont's Climate Action Plan: A Roadmap for Resiliency and Adaptation

By Charlie Hancock

Posted 11/24/21

Vermont's Climate Council is poised to adopt its finalized plan to meet our state's emission reduction targets. Here's a summary of strategies and actions for natural and working lands.

From Woodlot to Woodlots

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 11/24/21

People ask why I hold onto my land. After all, I live in Vermont, and it’s a full 3,000 miles away, in California.   It’s partly nostalgia. I grew up on this land, and I long for my kids to climb the same sprawling buckeye limbs and spend nights under the darkest skies and brightest stars I’ve ever known. It’s partly memory. My dad, who died a decade ago, sank his heart and soul into the place.…

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