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2018 Spring/Summer

Starting a Town Conservation Fund

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 4/4/18

On Town Meeting day, Montgomery voted to establish a Municipal Conservation Reserve Fund. This is the second such fund established in the CHC region, with Enosburgh voters establishing a Conservation…

Emerald Ash Borer in Vermont

Posted 4/4/18

What is emerald ash borer? What kind of damage does it do? Learn more here.

Carbon Sequestration for Climate Mitigation

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice-Chair

Posted 4/4/18

Cold Hollow to Canada has been a leader in Vermont when it comes to climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Our Woodlots Project was one of the first pilot demonstration forest projects,…

Mammal Camera Project: In Search of Canada Lynx & Other Mammals

By Joan Hildreth, CHC Board of Directors

Posted 4/4/18

Cold Hollow to Canada (CHC) administers two very important citizen science programs, the Keeping Track Monitoring Program (KTMP) and the WildPaths Project. Both have played key roles in increasing our…

WildPaths Season Three Begins

By Bridget Butler, CHC Program Director

Posted 4/4/18

Here we are headed into Season 3 of the WildPaths Project with lots of momentum and interest building in the wildlife connectivity community. This year we're encouraging all our volunteers to use…

Calender of Events

Posted 4/4/18

Make sure to visit our events page to see what's happening in our region this fall and winter. We partner with local conservation commissions and other groups to bring quality programming to the Cold…

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