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2023 Summer

Dave Erickson

Introducing Dave Erickson

By Dave Erickson

Posted 7/20/23

CHC's new Conservation Director introduces himself. Welcome to the team, Dave!

Tracking and Trail Cameras: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

By Sophie Mazowita

Posted 7/21/23

This summer marks a transition point for out tracking and game camera projects, with new volunteer opportunities and a 6-month tracking immersion on the horizon.

Celebrating Nuance

By Ethan Tapper

Posted 7/20/23

The Black Ash: Bringing cultures and people together for the planet

By Nancy Patch

Posted 7/20/23

A synopsis of our black ash pounding event with Abenaki basket-makers Kerry and Ryan Wood

Book Reviews from our Board

By Everett McGinley & Nancy Patch

Posted 7/20/23

Board members share their latest recommendations off their book shelf

Opportunity for Landowners with Streams

By Annette Goyne

Posted 7/21/23

Free Stream Wise assessments for Franklin County residents

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