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Our Strategy

Our mission is to maintain ecosystem integrity, biological diversity, and forest resiliency throughout the Cold Hollow to Canada region, with a focus on community-led stewardship and the conservation of our working landscape in the face of a changing climate.

Our Vision

A resilient and connected ecosystem across the entire Northern Forest that is supported through permanent protection, sustainable stewardship, and engaged local communities.

Our Pillars

The following three pillars exemplify our core work—they are the main methods we employ to achieve our mission.


    Stewarding forests at a landscape-scale based on ecosystem integrity, biological diversity, and climate resiliency, while supporting a strong and sustainable rural economy


    Permanently protecting contiguous forests to mitigate the climate crisis and maintain connectivity for wildlife habitat and movement


    Equipping local communities with tools to advance forest resiliency, community well-being, and environmental justice, in partnership with local, regional, and international conservation organizations

    Check out our strategic plan to learn more!

    Photo courtesy of Don & Sandy Crocker