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2017 Fall

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 9/1/17

Breaking the financial barriers to conservation, we're pleased to announce the Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund.

What's Up with Forest Birds?

By Steve Faccio, Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Posted 9/1/17

In April, the Vermont Center for Ecostudies released a 25-year study on Vermont's Forest Birds. Find out who's fairing well and who's on the decline & what we can do to help.

POEM: Ode to Wood by David Budbill

Posted 9/1/17

David Budbill, a Vermont poet, left us a legacy of poetry about living in rural Vermont when he died last year. Wendell Berry called the poet’s work “a delight and a comfort”.

Summer Tracking

By Joan Hildreth, CHC Board Member

Posted 9/1/17

As wonderful as it is to look for sign while enjoying the splendors of summertime - including lush greenery, wildflowers, singing birds, warmth, sunshine (well, at least some of the time!) –…

SAVE THE DATE ~ CHC Annual Gathering

Posted 9/1/17

Join us Thursday, October 26th to celebrate Cold Hollow to Canada's accomplishments this past year and what we have to look forward to in 2018. We'll enjoy a catered dinner together at the Montgomery…

Forest Tent Caterpillar: What to do in your woods?

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice-Chair

Posted 9/1/17

We've seen a significant outbreak of these caterpillars in our region this summer. What's the extent of their impact on our forests?

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