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The Hungry Caterpillar

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice President

Posted 7/29/21

Is it a biblical plague raining down, a crawling nightmare, a horror story worthy of Hitchcock’s The Birds? No, it’s an episodic outbreak of Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD). Let me explain. Lymantria dispar dispar is a moth, formerly known as “gypsy…

Thank you, 2021 Donors!

Posted 2/13/22

Sustaining (monthly) Sara Lourie, Titus & Jane Presler Stewards (Over $1000) Everett & Susan McGinley, Renee Reiner, Lew & Claudia Rose Canada Lynx ($500-$1000) Anonymous, Nancy Patch, Nick Richardson & Samantha Dunn Black Bear ($250-$500) Jes…

Starting a Town Conservation Fund

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 4/4/18

On Town Meeting day, Montgomery voted to establish a Municipal Conservation Reserve Fund. This is the second such fund established in the CHC region, with Enosburgh voters establishing a Conservation Reserve Fund fund in 2011. These town funds can be…

Stronger Together

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 2/1/19

On behalf of the Cold Hollow to Canada board, I want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy New Year, and thank you for your continued support of our work toward a vision of a healthy and intact forested landscape that supports a strong and…

Overbrowsing and the Importance of Landowners

By Andrea Shortsleeve, Habitat Biologist, Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife

Posted 11/16/20

Habitat Biologist Andrea Shortsleeve discusses the problem of overbrowsing and what landowners can do about it.

Investing in the Future of our Working Lands, and the Communities that Depend on Them

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 8/1/19

Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair and member of the Working Lands Enterprise Board, explains the importance of the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative.

From Woodlot to Woodlots

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 11/24/21

People ask why I hold onto my land. After all, I live in Vermont, and it’s a full 3,000 miles away, in California.   It’s partly nostalgia. I grew up on this land, and I long for my kids to climb the same sprawling buckeye limbs and spend nights…

Exploring eBird

By Sophie Mazowita, CHC Community Science Coordinator

Posted 8/19/22

eBird is a worldwide community science project and a powerful tool for birdwatchers of all experience levels. Following up on a workshop series hosted by CHC in July, learn how to contribute your bird sightings towards science.

Cold Hollow to Canada and the United Nations

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice Chair & Co-Founder

Posted 8/1/19

Did you know that the Cold Hollow to Canada region sits within a United Nations Internationally designated Biosphere Reserve? Read more about the Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve here.

Emerald Ash Borer in Vermont

Posted 4/4/18

What is emerald ash borer? What kind of damage does it do? Learn more here.

CHC Welcomes a New Administrative Coordinator

By Liza Morse, CHC Administrative Coordinator

Posted 2/1/19

 am so excited to be joining CHC as the new Administrative Coordinator. I have been working actively with Bridget, Charlie, and Nancy to ease the transition as I attempt to fill Bridget's un-fillable shoes. As with most mountain obsessed…

Carbon Sequestration for Climate Mitigation

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice-Chair

Posted 4/4/18

Cold Hollow to Canada has been a leader in Vermont when it comes to climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Our Woodlots Project was one of the first pilot demonstration forest projects, and the first private lands project, with the USFS…

Mammal Camera Project: In Search of Canada Lynx & Other Mammals

By Joan Hildreth, CHC Board of Directors

Posted 4/4/18

Cold Hollow to Canada (CHC) administers two very important citizen science programs, the Keeping Track Monitoring Program (KTMP) and the WildPaths Project. Both have played key roles in increasing our understanding of wildlife habitat connectivity…

Spring in the Cold Hollows

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 4/30/19

The full version of Board Chair Charlie Hancock's welcome to the Spring Connections newsletter.

Bird-Friendly Maple and the Cold Hollows

By Jessica Boone, CHC Board Member, and Liza Morse, CHC Administrative Coordinator

Posted 8/1/19

Read more about the Bird-Friendly Maple program and hear the reflections of a Bird-Friendly Maple producer right here in the Cold Hollow Mountains.

Resiliency: Our Communities, Our Forests

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 11/7/19

Charlie Hancock introduces the CHC fall newsletter.

A Springtime Reflection, in 2020

By Jenny Goyne, CHC Board Member

Posted 4/6/20

Jenny Goyne reflects on the importance of nature during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you, 2020 Donors!

Posted 2/12/21

Stewards (Over $500) Thomas & Cecile Brannon, Farnsworth Fund, Everett & Susan McGinley, Nancy Patch, Renee Reiner, Lew & Claudia Rose Sustaining (monthly) Sara Lourie, Titus & Jane Presler Canada Lynx ($500) Bill McGroarty, Dan Seeley & Adele…

Nancy Patch Receives Arthur Gibb Award

Posted 11/24/21

On October 23, CHC's Board Vice-President Nancy Patch was honored with the Arthur Gibb Award from the Vermont Natural Resources Council. VNRC presents the award annually to a Vermont resident who has made a lasting contribution to their community,…

Giving Game Cameras a "Soak" in the Cold Hollows

By Joshua Morse, University of Vermont

Posted 6/6/21

After a pause in operations due to COVID, University of Vermont PhD candidate Josh Morse returned to the Cold Hollows to check on his game cameras. Click here to read a project update.

WildPaths Season Three Begins

By Bridget Butler, CHC Program Director

Posted 4/4/18

Here we are headed into Season 3 of the WildPaths Project with lots of momentum and interest building in the wildlife connectivity community. This year we're encouraging all our volunteers to use iNaturalist to report their observations as it's…

Adapting Forests to Climate Change - Healthy Forests Are Not a Luxury

By Keith Thompson, Private Lands Program Manager & Joanne Garton, Special Projects Coordinator at VT Forest, Parks and Recreation

Posted 2/1/19

The two dry summers of 2016 and 2017 marked a challenging time for trees. Lack of water, high temperatures, and dry soils added to the growing list of environmental stressors that often tax Vermont’s forests. Sometimes, stress can trigger the…

Birder Broker: Matching Landowners with Birders for Conservation

By Bridget Butler, Bird Diva Consulting

Posted 4/30/19

Want to learn more about the birds on your property? Want to go birding in previously un-surveyed parts of Vermont? Register for Birder Broker today!

Reflections on Cold Hollow to Canada's Annual Gathering

By Jessica Boone, CHC Board Member

Posted 11/7/19

Jessica Boone reflects on this year's Annual Gathering.

Delayed Implantation in American Black Bears

By Lucy Rogers, CHC Board Member

Posted 2/1/19

The Northern Forest is chock-full of plants and animals with impressive adaptations: peregrine falcons that can reach diving speeds exceeding 200 mph, porcupines with hair that has evolved into hardened quills for protection, coniferous trees that…

Why Natural History Matters

By Kent McFarland, Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Posted 11/7/19

Kent McFarland, Conservation Biologist for Vermont Center for Ecostudies and Co-Host of VPR's Outdoor Radio, summarizes his talk at this year's Cold Hollow to Canada Annual Gathering.

Conservation Easements 101

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 2/1/19

Donating, or selling, a conservation easement is not a decision to be taken lightly. By definition, a conservation easement is forever, so before considering if it may the right thing to protect your land and your legacy, let’s cover some of the…

Young Writer's Project Invasives Challenge

By Liza Morse, CHC Administrative Coordinator

Posted 2/1/19

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is aptly named, as a bright metallic-green beetle whose larvae bore into ash trees and feed underneath the bark, disrupting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. The Emerald Ash Borer, native to Asia, is an…

Big Questions About Big Maple

By Cold Hollow to Canada Board

Posted 4/30/19

Read more about the big questions the CHC Board raises in response to the changing maple industry in Vermont.

Hybrid Science: Students, Storytelling, and Coyotes in the Green Mountain State

By Joshua Morse, University of Vermont

Posted 11/7/19

University of Vermont graduate student Joshua Morse describes his partnership with Cold Hollow to Canada and his research on Vermonters' perspectives on coyotes.

Expanding the Woodlots Program

By Everett McGinley, CHC Treasurer and landowner in CHC's Woodlots Program

Posted 7/6/20

Learn more about our plans to expand the Woodlots Program.

The Dinosaur and the Warbler

By Charlie Hancock

Posted 6/6/21

Read about how our work to create early successional habitat can support a diversity of bird species in the Cold Hollow region.

Forest Carbon: A Natural Climate Solution and Tool for Advancing the Pace of Conservation

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 7/6/20

Learn more about the carbon aggregation project from Cold Hollow to Canada and the Vermont Land Trust.

A CHC Reading List

Posted 6/6/21

Looking for your next beach read or lounging in the shade of a large tree read? Look no further than a list compiled by the Board members, staff, and Woodlots landowners of Cold Hollow to Canada. We hope you enjoy!

Supporting Songbirds in the Cold Hollow Region

By Liza Morse, Administrative Coordinator, Cold Hollow to Canada

Posted 7/6/20

Learn more about the work Cold Hollow to Canada and the landowners in our Woodlots Program are doing to support songbird habitat in the Cold Hollow region.

Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund Update: “The Land Belongs to the Future”

Posted 4/30/19

Update courtesy of Vermont Land Trust. Read more about the two properties now protected under conservation easements with the help of the Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund.

Emerald Ash Borer: What to do to save our ash trees

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice Chair

Posted 11/7/19

Nancy Patch discusses the impact Emerald Ash Borer will have on our forests and what landowners can do.

Preserving a Special Place

By Matt and Barb Paggi, Landowners with CHC's Woodlots Program

Posted 7/6/20

Matt and Barb reflect on the permanent conservation of their property in Belvidere.

Annual Gathering: Save the Date

Posted 6/6/21

We are thrilled to announce that Judith Schwartz, author of The Reindeer Chronicles, will be speaking at our annual gathering in October. We invite you to join us on the evening of Thursday, October 14 at the Montgomery Town Hall / Grange*. The…

Setting the Table for Songbirds

By Bridget Butler, The Bird Diva & CHC Program Director

Posted 1/25/18

You can enhance the backyard or woodland buffet for birds with a little planning this spring. Meet two species of shrubs that are great picks for wildlife in our region.

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