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2021 Summer

A Plan for a Community

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board President

Posted 7/29/21

Read Board President, Charlie Hancock's intro to the Summer 2021 Connections Newsletter.

The Woodlots Program is Back in the Woods!

By Monica Przyperhart, Woodlots Program Manager

Posted 7/29/21

Woodlots Program Manager Monica Przyperhart reflects on starting a new job and facilitating peer-to-peer learning during a pandemic.

The Honey Maple Tree

By Jessica Boone, CHC Board Member & Woodlots Program Member

Posted 7/29/21

Read more about the sweetest tree in the Cold Hollow region!

The Hungry Caterpillar

By Nancy Patch, CHC Vice President

Posted 7/29/21

Is it a biblical plague raining down, a crawling nightmare, a horror story worthy of Hitchcock’s The Birds? No, it’s an episodic outbreak of Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD). Let me explain. Lymantria dispar dispar is a moth, formerly known as “gypsy moth”. The scientific community recently dropped the name in favor of “LDD moth” due to the derogatory nature of the term. As county forester for the…

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