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Strategic Plan

A Roadmap to Ecosystem Integrity and Forest Resiliency in Vermont’s Cold Hollow Mountains

Every five years, we take some time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished with the communities in our seven-town region and map out a strategy for continuing to further our mission within the current context. At this time, we are thrilled to share our strategic plan for the coming five years as a roadmap for advancing ecosystem integrity, biological diversity, and forest resiliency in Vermont’s Cold Hollow Mountains. 

We hope you will take some time to read through our below plan, which outlines the goals and strategies that guide our core activities in sustainable stewardship, forestland conservation, and community empowerment. Please note: the plan is best viewed in full screen mode.

You can also download a one-page overview of our strategic plan, which we created as a guide for you to reference while flipping through the pages of our plan.

Additionally, check out our StoryMap to learn more about our land conservation priorities within the CHC region.

We invite you to join us in this effort to collectively move forward together and secure the future of our corner of the Northern Forest!