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Cold Hollow to Canada welcomes Board Member Jessica Boone

Posted Thursday, August 1, 2019
— Connections 2019 Summer

Since our last newsletter, we are happy to announce the addition of Jessica Boone as the newest member to our Board. We could go on and on about Jessica, but we will let her introduce herself in her own words. Suffice to say, we are fortunate to have her and grateful for her service as a Cold Hollow to Canada Board Member.


I am the 4th generation to live and work our land primarily as Maple Syrup producers. 116 years ago my great grandfather started sugaring our woods.  Thanks to him and the following generations we have a diverse maple sugar bush that is certified as Bird Friendly Habitat. I'm working to preserve the farm and make it self-sufficient so my children and grandchildren will continue the tradition. Part of being able to do that  is through opportunities in the Richford Woodlots Program through CHC. My goal is to make this a working landscape that allows me to be able to retain the property while also preserving the uniqueness of our forest and farm.  When you work closely with your land you can see that things are changing and I want to do my part to preserve what we have and mitigate climate change as much as possible.  Increasing migratory bird habitat, maintaining mammal corridors and being part of a Carbon Aggregation project are 3 of the ways we are working towards our goals. I live in my great grandparents house about a quarter mile from my Dad's house, I  left home for several years but I always knew this is where I'm supposed to be. I joined the US Navy where I was stationed in Guam on the USS Holland AS 32 which was a submarine tender - the 2nd largest class of ships in the Navy. I spent one tour there then a couple of years in the Naval Reserve in Seattle, Washington with a refueling unit. I met my husband Matt while on the Holland - he is retired from the US Submarine force. We have 2 college age children, Juliette and Ian. I work for Vermont Dairy Herd Improvement Association as a field technician. I have a menagerie of animals from Dale and Murphy, my mini horse and donkey, to a LOT of chickens, a few bunnies, dog, cats…….. I also have bee hives. I enjoy photography, hiking, skiing, gardening and needlework. I'm the current Commander of the Richford Legion Post #12 and a member of the CHC board. My true passion is maple syrup - it's a family tradition and our roots run deep.