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What does the Green Comet and CHC have in common?

Posted Monday, March 6, 2023
Connections 2023 Winter

The answer: Long range goals and sustainability; by the numbers.

The last time the Green Comet passed by earth was 50,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens first appeared on the fossil record 300,000 years ago. Just this year the Human population has reached a mind blowing 8 Billion people. For close to 6 passes of the Green Comet the human population remained below 1 billion people. In only the last 100 years, people have gone from 2 billion to 8 Billion in an exponential growth explosion, a leading cause of what is now considered the 6th extinction. The 5th extinction occurred 65 million years ago., 216 times longer than people have existed.

CHC wants to make sure there is room for both people and all the other living things that have evolved along with us and before we ever appeared. Protecting ecosystems and wild places will make sure there is a place left for all, as growth rates decline and human population starts to drop to more sustainable levels. Some thoughts on an appropriate number is more like 4.5 billion. There are arguments that it is not about numbers but about consumption. Check! It is a no brainer; fewer people, less consumption. Numbers say it all.

Maybe in the next 100 years we can get back to living within our share of the planet.