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The Newsletter of Cold Hollow to Canada


Photo of an eastern coyote

Winter 2010

Posted 12/1/10

Welcome, Winter; My Coyotes in Richford; A Forester for You; Winter Tree Identification; Upcoming Events

Photo of a group of people with a dog

Fall 2010

Posted 9/2/10

Connectivity—One Town at a Time; Teaming Up for the Forest; Slow Down & See the Moss; Conservation in Enosburgh; Habitat Recommendations; Upcoming Events

Winter 2017

Posted 11/11/17

Now More than Ever, This is Our Time; Summary of John Elder’s Talk at CHC’s Annual Gathering; Amazon Smile Opportunity; WildPaths Wildlife Observations Summary; About Jesse Littlefield; Peace of Wild Things; Winter Finches; Book Review: Lab Girl;…

A group of Keeping Track team members gather in a farm driveway in winter.

Spring 2017

Posted 4/4/17

ACT 250 at 50 (and Why We Should Care); Woodland Delicious; Keeping Track Monitoring Photo Collage; Season Two for WildPaths; Conserving Forestland: What does long term conservation mean?; Upcoming Events

Photo of bicyclists on a rec path surrounded by a fall landscape with the Missiquoi River and mountains.

Fall 2016

Posted 9/9/16

Our Work Together; Review of Reading the Mountains of Home; Trail Camera Use for Tracking; Snakes in the Cold Hollow to Canada Corridor; Local Sugarmakers Buy Conserved Land; Vermont’s Wild & Scenic Rivers; Upcoming Events

Photo of the Cold Hollow Mountains in summertime.

Summer 2016

Posted 7/7/16

When the Forest Came to the Capital; Preserving Habitats Around the Parc National du Mont-Orford; Cross-Border Collaboration in the Northern Greens; How did the Moose Cross the Road?; Forestland Owned by VLT and TNC for Sale; Book Review: Half-Earth;…

Photo of a Black-capped Chickadee in a hemlock tree.

Winter 2016

Posted 1/1/16

A Forest for the Future; Wolves, Coyotes, and Hybrids? Which is Which?; Water Quality Impacts from the Forest; The 2015 East Franklin County Christmas Bird Count; Celebrating the New Year Tracker Style; Upcoming Events

Photo of a view overlooking the forest's reds, purples, golds and greens during fall folilage season.

Fall 2015

Posted 9/9/15

Planting the Seeds for Conservation in the Cold Hollow to Canada Region; Why Give to CHC?; Why Citizen Science?; Why Woodlots?; Membership Pledge Card; Upcoming Events

Photo of a duck in water.

Summer 2015

Posted 7/7/15

Strengthening Regional Conservation; Vermont’s “Sweetest” Bird Habitat; For Anna; A Report on Forest Fragmentation; Summer Lovin’; A Moose, a Bird, and a Shrub; Book Review: A Landowner’s Guide; Upcoming Events

Photo of a red-winged blackbird.

Spring 2015

Posted 4/4/15

Connecting for Conservation; Living Legacies in Our Forests; WANTED: Signs of Spring; Find Us on Facebook!; Cougars Coming East, or Are They Already Here?; Upcoming Events

Photo of pine trees covered in snow.

Winter 2014

Posted 12/12/14

Expanding the Team; UVM Students Give CHC a Hand; Meet Bridget Butler; A Tree Farm for Christmas; Finding Patterns in the Woods; Cougars Coming East with Sue Morse; Beaver, a Keystone Species; Upcoming Events

A row of cows in front of orange and yellow fall foliage.

Fall 2014

Posted 9/9/14

Cold Hollow to Canada 2.0; Keeping Track Update; Low Impact Logging and Cut to Length Operations; A Peer to Peer Approach to Woodlands Management; Debate; Upcoming Events

Photo of people posing around a sign reading: Future Site of Bakersfield Town Park.

Summer 2010

Posted 1/7/10

Cold Hollow to Canada’s First Newsletter; Keeping Track of Wildlife; Emerald Ash Borer; Reflections on Favorites; Conservation in Bakersfield; Staying Connected; Upcoming Events

Photo of summer flowers with a mountain in the background.

Summer 2014

Posted 7/7/14

Exploring the Place We Call Home; Highlights from Cold Hollow to Canada’s Regional Celebration in May; Our Rowdy Friends in Richford; A Case Study: Cold Hollow Woodlots—Peer to Peer Landscape Level Management; Recommended Books; Upcoming Events

Photo of hungry chicks in their nest.

Spring 2014

Posted 4/4/14

Working Together Towards Resiliency; Climate Change and Our Forests; The Working Lands Partnership’s Second Summit; 2014 Cold Hollow to Canada Party; Reptiles and Amphibians in the Cold Hollow to Canada Region; Upcoming Events

Photo of Keeping Track participants in front of an uprooted tree.

Winter 2013

Posted 11/11/13

Partners in Conservation; Confessions of a Keeping Tracker; Making Decisions in Your Woodlot: The Peer to Peer Model; Otters in Vermont; Invasive Species: Oriental Bittersweet; Upcoming Events

Fall 2013

Posted 9/9/13

Cross Boundary Connections; Black Bear Meets Cold Hollow to Canada Members; The Canada Lynx; Invasive Species: Garlic Mustard; Pollinator Update: Monarch Butterfly; Emerald Ash Borer Update; Upcoming Events

Photo of a lake with lily pads.

Summer 2013

Posted 7/7/13

Keeping Connections; Emerald Ash Borer; Japanese Barberry, Deer and Tick Interactions; Enosburgh Conservation Commission Update; Pollinators; River Fest; Upcoming Events

Photo of red trillium flowers in the forest.

Spring 2013

Posted 4/4/13

Conservation Democracy; Wild and Scenic Update; Puddles with a Purpose; Conservation in the Neighborhood; Development Impacts; Upcoming Events

Spring 2012

Posted 4/4/12

Keeping Connections; A Conservation Success Story in Bakersfield; A Short Bio of the “Bear Man”; Black Bear in Vermont; Audubon Vermont Forest Bird Initiative Connects Landowners with Conservation; Cross Boundary Connections; Upcoming Events

Photo of a tree.

Summer 2012

Posted 7/7/12

Keep On Tracking; How Do You Save a Forest? One Piece at a Time; Public Recreation on Private Land; Our Forests are Under Attack; Upcoming Events

Photo of stacked firewood and logs with fall foliage in the background.

Fall 2012

Posted 9/9/12

Fall Greetings from CHC; Enosburg Falls River Access Conserved with Help from ECC; Five Forest Management Strategies to Adapt to Climate Change; Invasive Species Corner: Buckthorn; Deer vs. Coyote in the Northern Forest; Upcoming Events

Photo of trees and snow backlit by the sun.

Winter 2012

Posted 1/1/12

A Foundation for Growth; Marten and Fisher: Our Native Mustelid Cousins; Tracking Marten in New Hampshire; Going Green: The Opportunity for Forest Certification; BioFinder; Upcoming Events

Photo of fern fiddleheads.

Spring 2011

Posted 4/4/11

Local Action Towards Conservation; Richford Commission Work; Managing a Sugarbush; Owl Spotting; Forests for Birds; Upcoming Events

Photo of a moose.

Summer 2011

Posted 7/7/11

Soggy Summertime Greetings; WHIP Program; Wood Turtles; Town Planning in Enosburgh; Upcoming Events

Photo of group of people in front of a pile of trees knocked down by a storm.

Fall 2011

Posted 1/1/11

Conservation, INC.; Superman in Cargo Shorts?; An Afternoon with John Davis; Conservation Easement Basics; Montgomery Conservation; A Conservation Opportunity?; Upcoming Events

Photo of an owl and a woodpecker in a snowy birch tree

Winter 2011

Posted 1/1/11

A Vision for Conservation; Animals in Winter; Gorillas and the Mist; Conservation Corner; Upcoming Events

A Case Study on Carbon

By Jim Levitt, International Land Conservation Network

Posted 6/6/21

In past newsletters, we’ve detailed our Carbon Aggregation Project launched in partnership with the Vermont Land Trust, Nature Conservancy of Vermont, and University of Vermont. This project, the first of its kind in the nation, helped 10 landowners…

A Plan for a Community

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board President

Posted 7/29/21

Read Board President, Charlie Hancock's intro to the Summer 2021 Connections Newsletter.

Turning the Page on a New Header

By Charlie Hancock

Posted 11/16/20

Read Charlie Hancock's introduction to the Fall 2020 Connections Newsletter here!

Welcome, Lauren Honican!

By Lauren Honican

Posted 11/16/20

CHC welcomes new Program Director as we expand and grow. Get to know Lauren in her own words here.

The Woodlots Program is Back in the Woods!

By Monica Przyperhart, Woodlots Program Manager

Posted 7/29/21

Woodlots Program Manager Monica Przyperhart reflects on starting a new job and facilitating peer-to-peer learning during a pandemic.

Abenaki Ecology & Spirituality in the Northern Green Mountains

By Monica Przyperhart

Posted 2/12/21

Abenaki scholar and ethnobotanist Dr. Fred Wiseman recently spoke with members of CHC's Woodlots program. Listen to the talk and learn more about Abenaki ecology in the Northern Green Mountains here.

A Woodlots Welcome to Monica Przyperhart

Posted 11/16/20

Meet Monica Przyperhart, Cold Hollow to Canada's new Woodlots Program Manager.

Wildlife Abundance & Seasonality in the Cold Hollow Region

By Jake Van Deursen

Posted 11/16/20

During his time as the AmeriCorps member for the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative, Jake Van Deursen generously donated his time to analyze five years of data from Cold Hollow to Canada's Keeping Track Monitoring Program. The Keeping Track…

The Honey Maple Tree

By Jessica Boone, CHC Board Member & Woodlots Program Member

Posted 7/29/21

Read more about the sweetest tree in the Cold Hollow region!

Beating the Heat in the Cold Hollows

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 8/1/19

An update on the summer happenings at Cold Hollow to Canada.


By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 4/6/20

Charlie Hancock introduces the CHC spring newsletter.

Woods in Winter: Reflecting on Winter Tree ID

By Nancy Patch

Posted 2/12/21

Getting out in the woods in the winter can bring an entire new appreciation for the plants and animals we live with. The adaptation strategies employed by our near kin show them as much hardier than ourseleves. While trees may lose their leaves, we…

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...

By Charlie Hancock, CHC Board Chair

Posted 9/1/17

Breaking the financial barriers to conservation, we're pleased to announce the Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund.

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