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Thank you, 2020 Donors!

Posted Friday, February 12, 2021
Connections 2021 Winter

Thank you to all of our 2020 donors and funders for investing in forests and wildlife in the Cold Hollow mountains! Our work this year—laying the groundwork for the future of our forests—would not be possible without the generosity of our greater community. With this support, we surpassed our year-end fundraising goal and are excited about all of our work together in the year ahead!

Stewards(Over $500)

Thomas & Cecile Brannon, Farnsworth Fund, Everett & Susan McGinley, Nancy Patch, Renee Reiner, Lew & Claudia Rose

Sustaining (monthly)

Sara Lourie, Titus & Jane Presler

Canada Lynx ($500)

Bill McGroarty, Dan Seeley & Adele Wolfson, David Sundell

Black Bear ($250 and up)

Jessica & Joseph Boone, Richard & Joanne Carr, Lisa Cashdan & Peter Stein, Don & Sandy Crocker, Gregory Duggan, Jonathan Heaton, Ward & Cheryl Heneveld, Judy Honican, Richard & Alice Morse, Erik Osterlund

Moose ($100 and up)

Dorothy Allard, Charlotte & Hal Bill, Kevin Brady, Roslyn Brown, Kevin Conneely, Robert & Rebecca Cummins, Charles Dillon, Wendy Doane, Charen Fegard, Pamela & Karl Fischer, Bruce Fleming, Thomas Frazar, Robert Gilmore, Charles Hancock, Lucy & Skip Hancock, Geof & Janet Hewitt, Joan & Bill Hildreth, Monica Hill, Ann Hiltz, John & Kathryn Kuryloski, Esther & Roger Lichti, Joe & Josie Lisaius, Stephanie Machia, Gregory Mikkelson, Barbara & Matt Paggi, Carl Powden, Lenny Tamulonis, Chad Tyler, Stuart & Tilda White

Snowshoe Hare ($45 and up)

Jeannie Bartlett, Sandra Beaty, Mary Clark, Ellen Coolidge, Marijke Dallois, Carol Degener, Sarah Downes & Steve Wadsworth, Effie Elfer, Pat Farmer, Gordon Gebauer, Peter Gold, Annette & Jeff Goyne, Jenny Goyne, Lisa Goyne, Jason & Heather Haddick, Steve Hagenbuch, Erica Harris, Gillian Ireland, Sharry Lacey, Winston Lewis & Timothy Chapin, Brian Lovegrove, Steven Lovelette, Lutz Automotive, Northwood Investors, LLC, Jesse Olio, Marcia & Al Perry, Paul Rogers, Cynthia Scott, Clare Walker, Sharon & Ken Whitehead, Jameison Wright

Hermit Thrush ($20 and up)

Jake Bailey, Gail Benjamin, Juliette Boone, Adrian Burke, Bridget Butler, Stephanie Choate, Carol Colby, Kenneth Copenhaver, Parker Croft, Lelah Darby, Judith DeRancourt, Peg & Micky Doheny, Marilyn Dupre, Debbie Foote, Penny Gagnon, Melissa Haberman, Laurie Hill, Parma Jewett, Alan and Rita Kalsmith, Matthew Kamisher-Koch, Jon Kart, Jon Lautenschlager, Paul Madden, Kathy Marchant, Nancy Martinson, Catherine Messier, Catherine Morris, Joshua Morse, Frederick Nelson, Carolyn Noble-Morrissey, Marsha Phillips, Fred Pond, Brian Powell, Sarah Stroud & Dan Hellerman, Phyllis Utigard, Allison White, Lindsey Wight


Shannon Algiere, Joan Beecher, Theresa Begnoche, Katie Blake, Rick Brackett, Ela Chapin, Brenda Churchill, Caitlin Cusack, Chico Dupre, Annalise Goyne, Aaron Guman, Mary Harbaugh, Tom Howe, Karen Johnson, Jenn Kelley, Andre & Rosalie LaBier, Christine Laporte, Eliza Letourneau, Charles & Mary Jane Mattina, Carla McNett, Charlotte Reed, Andrea Shortsleeve, Steven Smith, Kelley Taft, Tracy Zschau

Organizational Funders

The High Meadows Fund, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA Forest Service, Vermont Land Trust, Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild & Scenic Rivers , Switchback Brewing Company, Outdoor Gear Exchange