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Plant Trees with Cold Hollow To Canada!

Event date: Saturday, May 7, 2022
— CHC Event

It's that time of year... the time for planting trees!  

Join us on May 7th!

The Cold Hollow to Canada Woodlots Program works with landowners interested in enhancing the overall health of their forests, with an eye toward climate resilience and wildlife habitat. On May 7th, five of the program's landowners will together be putting ~350 stems in the ground as they work toward these goals--and CHC would like to help them out!

Come volunteer with us and experience forest stewardship in action! (We'll show you the ropes, so no experience is necessary!)

The parcels are in three towns, and we'll begin in each town at a different starting time:

Montgomery:  9am

Fletcher:  Noon

Enosburgh:  3pm

If you's like to join us, please contact monica@ coldhollowtocanada with your town and starting time of interest! As the date approaches, Monica will provide additional details on what to bring and where to meet.

Thank you!

On May 7th, CHC will join 5 landowners to help with a tree planting. Join us!