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Partners in Woodland Stewardship: Vermont Coverts, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, and Vermont Woodlands Association

Event date: Tuesday, April 26, 2022
— CHC Event

Photo by Jenny Goyne

In the Cold Hollow to Canada Woodlots Program, landowners have an opportunity to learn about their land, get to know local land stewards, and consult with professionals about land management, wildlife habitat, and more. This is a chance to meet other groups in Vermont with similar goals, meaningful woodland-related programs, and resources that you can access!

Vermont Coverts is a community of landowners, professionals and others who support and learn from each other to enhance wildlife habitat. Lisa Sausville will tell us about the group's training retreats and forest stewardship workshops and learning opportunities.  

Bill Anderson, of Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, will tell us about the forestry crews available to help landowners with those hard-to-access or difficult-to-hire-out forest management projects, all while training teens and young adults to become the next generation of forest professionals.

Vermont Woodlands Association's Kathleen Wanner will share programs available to landowners and managers, including the Tree Farm forest management certification program and a legacy planning program that helps landowners plan for the future of their woodlot. (We may be able to bring one of her legacy planning workshops to the CHC region, too!)

We'll try to keep the presentation portion of this event to just an hour. 

Date:  Tuesday, April 26

Time:  6:00-7:00pm (But we'll stick around for questions)

Please register at: 

While this workshop has been set up with CHC Woodlots Program participants in mind (and some content may be most relevant to this group), everyone is welcome!