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Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund

The Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund (CHLCF) is one of the financial tools available to landowners in the Cold Hollow to Canada (CHC) service area which is comprised of seven towns in the Northern Green Mountain Linkage in Vermont. This linkage has been defined by Two Countries One Forest as one of the top five wildlife connectivity linkages in the Northern Forest. Any ownership located within the CHC region will be eligible for funding including properties in the established Cold Hollow Woodlots Program. 

The purpose of the fund is to provide support to landowners interested in donating a conservation easement. Up to $10,000 from the CHLCF may be used for transaction costs for each project. These costs may include: procurement of surveys, appraisals and appraisal reviews, attorney services, title searches, closing services, deed preparation, baseline documentation, easement and land recording, and other professional services.


  • Projects need to be 50 acres or greater
  • at least 60%+ of the land in forest
  • Fall within core forest or connectivity areas identified in the CHC landscape analysis
  • Located in the CHC service area towns - Richford, Bakersfield, Enosburg, Montgomery, Fletcher, Belvidere, Waterville

You can download application and additional information about the fund below. Applications may be submitted at anytime, and will be batched for review on a quarterly basis.  

Please contact us at info@ if you have any questions. 

The Cold Hollow Land Conservation Fund has been established by Cold Hollow Canada through a grant from the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust Fund at The Boston Foundation and the Linthilac Foundation