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Enosburgh Woodlots Group

The Enosburgh Woodlots group includes 12 landowners that are focused on managing their properties together at a landscape scale. These properties encompass more than 2,104 acres, of which 1,817 acres is forest. These forests had largely been used for agriculture by previous generations and have reverted back to forest.

While each landowner has their own forest management plan and specific management goals, the landowners generally share similar management goals focusing on:

  • Privacy and Beauty
  • Recreation
  • Wildlife/Biodiversity (not focused on specific species)
  • Stewardship (an interest in “making it better”)

This group of landowners meets four times a year to walk one another's woodlots, talk about projects and issues, and enjoy a meal together.

The group has been selected by the US Forest Service in a pilot project to address climate change mitigation and adaptation on private lands. In tandem with the climate change analysis, Audubon VT has completed an Interior Forest Bird Habitat Assessment on these properties. With this in mind, we will also incorporate strategies to enhance songbird habitat at the landscape level.

Other areas that have been discussed include the recreation use of the lands within the group. We have also put on our gloves and did some hands-on apple tree release on one property. We will continue to meet to help each other meet and expand individual and collective goals.