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Bakersfield and Fletcher Woodlots Group

The group in Bakersfield and Fletcher is our newest! It was initiated in 2021, necesitaing that our first gathering be virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. Even so, the program has attracted the owners of 17 parcels and over 5,000 acres who are now getting to know one another and see each other's land. For this program, two neighboring towns have been combined.  

At this time, the group has met in person just twice. Programming has focused on looking at maps to understand how the land managed collectively by the group fits together, and there has been quite a bit of time spent simply getting acquainted. We also visited a great blue heron rookery on the land of one member and discussed stone walls and cellar holes--and the relationship between past land use and current forest cover--on the land of another.  

Audubon Vermont has already begun conducting Forest Bird Habitat Assessments for this group, and Climate Change Analyses will begin early in 2022.