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Plants in Winter Walk

Posted Saturday, February 4, 2017
— Local CC Event, Skill Building


Saturday, February 3rd, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Location: 1331 Waterville Mountain Road, Bakersfield
Sponsored by the Bakersfield Conservation Commission

Join the BCC for a walk this Saturday, 1 to 3 pm for a casual walk through the woods to observe and learn about plants in winter. We will try to identify trees in their winter condition, see if we can find any mosses or liverworts and talk about how they can survive, and maybe even look at a fungus or two. Guides will be bringing along some field guides, and some hand lenses so that we can better observe tiny things.

Located at 1331 Waterville Mtn. Rd. Please park at the mailbox or at the turn in the driveway where the Shattuck Mountain trail sign is (only room for two cars there). Be prepared for a moderate amount of snow (snowshoes optional as of today, but it is snowing now. . .), occasional icy patches in the woods and on the driveway.

Questions? Call Dorothy at 827-0225 (Google Voice) or 827-9779 (home) Hope to see you there!

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Dorothy J. Allard
1331 Waterville Mt. Rd.
Bakersfield, VT 05441

802-827-0225 Google Voice--this number will ring on both home and cell phone!
802-827-9779 (home)
Bakersfield, VT