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Bear With Us! Living With Bears in the North Country

Posted Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Event Details

Presented by Susan C. Morse of Keeping Track®
Wednesday, September 9th, 7:00 pm
Enosburgh Opera House, 123 Depot Street, Enosburg Falls
Sponsored by Enosburgh Conservation Commission and CHC
Contact: Nancy Patch (802) 524-6501 or nancy.patch@ 

Be prepared for lots of fascinating information on black bear biology and ecology, with emphasis on the field identification of tracks and sign. Sue is very excited about this show because it offers the most comprehensive discussion of bear scent-marking behaviors, illustrated with her original images. As for living in harmony with black bears, it’s entirely up to us, as this program will solidly demonstrate. “Bear safety” is achieved largely because of what we do out there, whether it be in the wild, a picnic area or around our home and farmyard. It is more about what we can do to minimize the hazards we pose to bears. Sue will conclude the show with a brief introduction to North America’s other bears – the grizzly, Alaskan brown and polar bear. Sue’s recent experiences with these species have enabled her to take some remarkable pictures; if you love bears, and their wild habitats, this slideshow should not be missed.

*Keeping Track citizen scientists, we need you! Information about the next course starting this October 10th, will be shared at the presentation.*