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Completed Projects


Land Conservation

  • Vision document sent to landowners with 200 plus acres
  • Priority parcels identified
  • Connectivity areas identified with Staying Connected Initiative, town planning
  • Conserved 13 properties, 3,787 acres
  • Assisted in Forest Legacy Projects

Conservation Commission Assistance & Partner Connection

  • Ongoing collaboration with local conservation commissions, state wildlife and natural resource agencies, and various larger state-wide & regional conservation organizations
  • Worked with Vermont Natural Resource Council to develop town plans, by-laws to prevent fragmentation
  • Hosted conservation commission summit
  • Co-sponsored events
  • Full partner summit

 Outreach & Citizen Science

  • Two volunteer citizen science projects to gather data on mammal focus species (Keeping Track) and wildlife crossing sites (WildPaths)
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Featured in Northern Woodlands magazine, winter 2013
  • Ongoing presentations and workshops focused on wildlife habitat needs and forest management practices for private landowners and the broader community
  • Hired part time staff to coordinate outreach and partner communication

Established First Cold Hollow Woodlots Group