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Citizen Science: Keeping Track

The wildlife in our region serves as a natural indicator for the health of our forests. It's important to understand our resident wildlife populations, where they live, how they use different forest habitats, and how they travel across the landscape. CHC oversees two citizen science projects: Keeping Track and WildPaths.

The Keeping Track Monitoring Program was developed to inspire community participation in the stewardship of wildlife habitat by providing technical training that empowers community members to better detect, record and monitor the status of wildlife and habitat in their communities. Those teams in our region which have completed the training now monitor selected areas on a seasonal basis to identify and monitor resident populations of black bear, moose, lynx, bobcat, cougar, river otter, mink, fisher, timber wolf and American marten.

Since the inception of the Keeping Track Monitoring Program, two 5-year analyses of the data have been conducted. The resulting reports are available for download below.

Please contact us at info@ to find out more about the Keeping Track Monitoring program.

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